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question about the "Yanwen Special Line-YW" shipping and why i got a second trac


I am wondering how long my parcel take from china to austria, vienna.
i purchased the first time with Yanwen and it's a "Special Line-YW" shipping. the item sent via registered air-mail.
first tracking number: UE724895696YP

but what i'm asking more by myself; why is the trackingnumber for slovakia? shouldn't it come to austria or is the plane arrived in slovakia and coming now to vienna to the customs by car or how can i understand this?

because i get the same information down below for both tracking numbers. at "track order" it shows "Arrived at destination country" but i'm not sure if it's really arrived in austria, slovakia or even in europe.

i know it takes time until the parcel arrives at my door but i'm really confused about this.

[china]Last mile=> Destination country post, number LK002912760SK
2019-03-15 11:34:16

[china]Despatched from yanwen sorting center.
2019-03-15 09:34:16

[china]Process completed in yanwen sorting center.
2019-03-15 06:50:05

[china]Yanwen Acceptance.
2019-03-14 22:13:00

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Hi Patrick,

There is no problem for it. The destination country for this package is Austria. If you still not sure, you can contact the seller to confirm if they send to the right address.
I ordered something off dhgate and the seller gave me the tracking number, I’ve always bought from dhgate and all the sellers have given me China post, epacket or DHL but never Yanwen before!!
I was tracking my packet and wondering what does “last mile” mean??? I tried tracking that fedex # and it’s not popping up anything!

Tracking number: UE769864212YP
2019-06-28 02:38 Last mile=> Fedex, number 9261290980907812848704
2019-06-28 00:38 Despatched from yanwen sorting center.
2019-06-27 22:20 Process completed in yanwen sorting center.
2019-06-27 18:04 Yanwen Acceptance.
Hi Yvettemartin1,

Last mile may mean It left China and on the way to the US now. 9261290980907812848704 is the Fedex tracking number when it arrives in US.
Hi, my "Special Line-YW" tracking number from AliExpress is UE890777804YP, and I am really concerned that there has been absolutely no tracking update for the past 17 days in a row. BTW, the destination country for this order is India. What could be possibly going on here? Is my parcel lost or misdelivered?
Last mile=> GATI, number EQ989774030IN
2019-12-02 01:25:43 [IN]
Departed from Yanwen Facility
2019-12-01 23:25:43 [china]
Picked up
2019-11-30 19:54:40 [china]
I am interested what happened with this parcel VR231167505YP Special line YW carrier, because i didn't get it, but the status is "delivered successfully". Our local post office don't have information about this tracking number.
Thank you!

Best regards Julia
Hi Juliavoros88,

It was not delivered to your place. You need to contact the seller to reflec the problem and get a solution as soon as possible.

Hi My tracking number is UD175049141YP and destination is India but it got update today as last mile destination country post number was given as UD315761695MY which is Malaysia which is not right and am worried. Checked further and found that the destination tracking number UD315761695MY that was updated today is 45 days old tracking number where as My item was sent on 07/22 so am curious if everything is fine with my original tracking number UD175049141YP. Help would be highly appreciated
Never buy anthing that is shipped with this company. They fake the whole tracking. Its not common, but absolutely standard that you will get a tracking update "delivered" 1,5 weeks after ordering, but it takes another 6-8 weeks until the package MAY arrive. I also had orders where I never got the product.
I also had a situation where the seller gave me 2 different tracking numbers (I guess by accident) and both where showing the absolutely identical tracking information.

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