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What is the shipping of (Special line)


What is the shipping of. (Special line)

I have purchased personal items that contain some products that contain batteries, and they have been rejected three times by E-EMS, and suggested that the seller ship to (special line)

Is it a safe company?
What is the average shipping to Saudi Arabia?

Or is there a better suggestion to receive my shipment?
Because, unfortunately, I cannot get my money back

thank you

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Hi yazeed,

You can contact the seller to shipby special line that allowed to sent batteries. You can contact the seller to ask. They have ways to ship it.
Need help pls. I ordered from Alibaba from China to Malaysia and the seller said they use the special line service which the tracking number is couldn't check anywhere but the seller sent me the screen showed that the package arrived Malaysia ready just wait for local courier to pick up which no one have any ideas that when the courier will pick up. Actually the seller said the special line don't have tracking number which is weird bcoz I got charged for $40 for shipping cost but no tracking.
I got only number the seller gave me is CN82063337830. Thank you so much for your help. This package I wait took almost a month now.
my question is about how long does the shipping take from china to usa through special line yunexpress OR yanwen ?
thank you
we had same problem. Special lines shipping is rather different shipping procedure rather than actual shipping company. Process of shipping lines:
-local courier/post will collect shipment
-once some bulk qty collected within country, delivery company will ship (air/sea) to final country and deal with customs clearance
-any local courier/post in final country destination will collect and deliver to you.
We have found that tracking number is usually for any of your local courier/post companies and so you can track it only in final stages of delivery. We don't understand why sellers doesn't explain how it works! Basically shipment can be handled by many different companies while going to you. Usually its cheaper but takes little bit longer to deliver

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