Origin post is preparing shipment

Asked by DevinWis | 2/24/2020 1:56:25 AM

My package has been stuck multiple days at origin post is preparing shipment. I checked it in parcels app and says estimated delivery is feb 24 2020. Help! Tracking number: LW503392070CN

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Lisa 6/2/2020 8:21:53 AM

Hi daisy
I ordered a package about two months ago and its still says origin is preparing shipment and usps says the package is on its way to a usps facility but ive gotten no update since the 14th of may. Please help me with tracking my package
Package tracking number

Chris01 6/3/2020 2:45:43 AM

LY249230203CN- my package hasn’t moved in a couple of days just want an update.

SdashOUT 6/3/2020 3:16:34 PM

My tracking Number LS318880175CN. I ordered an item April 20,2020 and it has said that Origin Post is preparing shipment since then. Are there any updates on when I can expect the item??

Trey brewer 6/4/2020 6:46:20 AM

I ordered a package from China and it has said Origin Post is Preparing Shipment since the 26th of March. What’s does this mean

Kristalin 6/4/2020 9:32:55 PM

Origin post is preparing shipping for over a month and now my tracking number says it’s expired!!! LS271248958CN

Cierra 6/5/2020 8:19:04 AM

Hi, Tracking #LS326680670CN
I ordered my package April 19th 2020. It shipped April 27th 2020. It has been stuck on “Origin Post is Preparing shipment” for quite some time. Can someone update me please!

Maritza Bok-lopez b 6/5/2020 11:26:37 AM

I have received one pair of sneakers I'm missing one

jakets89 6/5/2020 8:43:36 PM

My package has been in the same spot for 13 days! Can someone help me figure out what’s going on? Tracking Number: LY248948369CN

Svetlana 6/8/2020 2:55:54 AM

Please help! Can you give me information on RV444545515CN? I ordered it for my birthday, which is in two weeks. It has been since May 9. Do you see it actually moving? Is there an arrival date?

Svetlana 6/8/2020 2:59:21 AM

Please help! Can you give me information on RV444545515CN? I ordered it for my birthday, which is in two weeks. It has been since May 9. Do you see it actually moving? Is there an arrival date?

Michelle_nicolenava4253 6/8/2020 6:51:43 AM

I've tried contacting the seller to find out what's going on because it's been in transit for 30+ days. The seller just says it's in transit be patient. I ordered many things from china and other countries overseas after I placed this order and I have received everything but this package. My tracking # is LY216816287CN. It's been stuck at the same place since may 2nd. Please advise so I know what to do. I ordered this 2 1/2 months in advance for my upcoming trip. This is the first time I have had this issue.

Ebony$89 6/10/2020 1:18:59 AM

I ordered my packages in April and haven't received them yet how long will it take my order #'s are LN245721860CN, WOSP017645845151CHN

Jennifer Gee 6/11/2020 10:58:31 AM

Where is LY255460143CN!? Ordered 5/12 PAID & Origin Post preparing STILL??? Thus was a gift for my grandson and didn’t make it. Thanks for my endless wait and missed timeline China Post

Daisy 6/13/2020 7:27:08 AM

Hi Jennifer Gee,

It takes about another 15-30 days for it reach the US. Please wait for more days to get updat.

Rosie83 6/16/2020 1:45:18 PM

My package has been in transit 62 days now....says "origin post is preparing to dispatch this mail piece"...any updated info is appreciated

Gofdarts 6/24/2020 9:32:21 PM

Hi Daisy, my package has not arrived. It’s still showing the same status. Could you track it for me? LS332343169CN

KikiLicious 6/25/2020 2:03:38 PM

Can I PLEASE get an estimate date of delivery for my package??? It seems to have gotten stuck, or forgotten??? Thank you...


Daisy 6/25/2020 7:22:09 PM

Hi KikiLicious,

It takes about another 20-40 days for you to receive it to my experience.

Rosie83 6/30/2020 5:16:53 AM

I notice only certain people get responses, I'm inquiring about an unreceived package as well.

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