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Original Post Office for ePacket LX271329020CN


Can you please advise the Post Office where ePacket LX271329020CN was sent. I assume that it is the first place where the ePacket is scanned.

I am having difficulty contacting the sender.

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The tracking results show:
2017-02-28 06:34,Delivered, Berwick, VIC
2017-02-26 09:36,Arrived at facility in destination country, MELBOURNE VIC
2017-02-16 02:45,Processed through facility, SHANGHAI (CN)
2017-02-15 19:26,Received by overseas carrier, CN-200888, CHINA

You can call China EMS customer service hotline 11183 if you are in China and +86 10 11183 if you are outside China. (Press 8 for English service.)
Thanks Daniel,

In relation to the initial part of the packet journey - "2017-02-15 19:26,Received by overseas carrier, CN-200888, CHINA", does this mean that the item was either:
1. dropped off at a post office (journey stated from post office by lodgement by sender); or
2. collected by a courier (journey started from senders premises and delivered to post office).

Can you advise the above.

Can you also advise the address of the either the Post Office in 1. above, or the original senders address where the courier collected the packet.

It means collected by a courier. The tracking results do not show the address but EMS Shanghai Bulk Collection Office. Cannot figure out the address. You need to call the customer service to figure out the address.

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