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package 65 days waiting


Can you help with my package? It has been in transit for 65 days now and going back and forth from Jinan to Beijing. Last movement was on the 04/02/2023 - Jinan City.. Package number LV652389097CN.
Package is now urgently required.

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Hi! I bought from I’ve been waiting for thirty days, haven’t had an update since May 30th. It says: Depart from Departure Transit Hub (on current information). Nothing else. Is it waiting for a plane to take it to America? Or is it stuck? It was supposed to come on June 3rd, but it surpassed that date by 8 days. It’s taking awhile. Here’s my tracking number: UH557252739CN

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My package arrived at the airport of destination 5 days ago, on 20th of October. Is it in my country and if it is, why didn't I recieve my package yet. I'm waiting for something important that I need asap, can you please tell me my package will arrive in 2-3 days max pleaseee it's urgent.
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Thank you!

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Package LZ985701845CN has been "waiting for airline space" for nine days now. I am concerned this item has been lost or misplaced as it was posted at exactly the same time, by the same sender as another package that was the same size and weight, and it was delivered to my address in Australia three days ago - yet LZ985701845CN is apparently still in China.

Please advise!

Thank you

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