Package has been processed in country of destination from china

Asked by Jenn | 7/25/2018 9:04:23 AM

Tracking stuck for weeks . It days Package has been processed in country of destination (USA).Sent via China Post. Who will deliver it to me? And how do I track it now? Tracking has stopped via China Post, ut tracking number is not recognized in the US. Please help.
Tracking number:

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Daisy 7/25/2018 7:03:33 PM

It's not sent via China Post. The packages is sent by Enterprise des Postes Lao from Laos to USA. Tracking information shows it's in USA now. USPS should deliver it to you. You'd better contact China Post to ask.

Tracking infomation for LAOJQ0004855051YQ:
2018-07-06 17:05 LAO, Laos, The item has been processed in the country of destination
2018-06-29 18:06 LAO, Laos, Shipment departed from airport
2018-06-27 12:00 LAO, laospost, Lao People'S Democratic Republic LAVTEA, Export of international mail
2018-06-27 10:00 LAO, laospost, Lao People'S Democratic Republic LAVTEA, Reception
2018-06-25 06:46 LAO, Laos, Announced data uploaded

Thomas 9/19/2019 8:01:41 PM

My tracking number is UT229521017CN and I am having trouble finding out where the package is. I have ordered other times and it took 3 weeks to get to I live in the
USA when I put the tracking number on it said that it is in transport but I don't know where it is. Can someone please help me find my package.

Daisy 9/19/2019 8:26:54 PM

Hi Thomas,

2019-09-08 00:03 - Logistics order created

Only the above tracking information is available. Possible reasons:
1. China Post doesn't provide tracking service for this kind of package.
2. Only the seller could track it in seller's platform.

You'd better contact the seller to confirm for the reason.

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