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Package has been stuck in country


Hello! I've seen my tracking and it says that the package has arrived in the destination but has not updated in over a week. Do you know where it is, the number is LZ946871745CN

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Hi Briohny,

Is LZ946871745CN the right tracking number? I don't get any tracking information for it.

Oh really? That's strange, I tracked it on the website before


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My parcel with the tracking number RE114021414CN is stuck. I tracked it and it says that it arrived at destination country at 2020/8/15 but it still had not arrived now. I’m wondering where is my package now and why is it stuck? Who could I contact?

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My package is stuck in "departed country of origin" status since the last 12 days. In my experience if it lasts more then 4 days that men's the package is lost or something wrong with it. Can some one tell me where is the package stuck exactly .
Tracking :EX234127213SG

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package stuck in destination country which is Canada.
Their tracking code starts with LB31713874SG can you exsplain what this is thank you.

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