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Package has not moved since September


Hi my package, tracking number LK992971471CN, has not moved in months. Will it ever arrive?

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It has left China and on the way to US since Sep. 2. It should be arrive within a month in normal. If a package couldn't arrive within three months, it must be lost on the way. It has been over five months that you still couldn't get it. So, you couldn't get it any more. It has been lost on the way.
My mother has sent a package with some things for me. It shows that it was in Suzhou In Jiangsu Province. The last tracking shows that it has left the sorting center. The tracking is CP003641604JM . The last update says
苏州市, 离开【邮政苏州市邮件处理分局】,下一站【苏州市国际邮件】(经转)
Is it on its way to Kunshan city?
Hi Kunshan girl,

There may be problem with the address. You'd better contact China Post by calling 11185 (Chinese service) to further check it.

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