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Package Return to Sender?



Does the latest entry od tracking information mean that my package is being returned to sender?

Thank you.

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Yes, it's returned back to China now and it's in the sender's city Nanjing. The sender will get it in the next few days. You'd better contact him to ask for re-delivery or get the refund if you buy it from the sender.
My Tracking number is RY051854839CN with destination Saudi Arabia, Does it means its being returned to Sender or myself ?
Guangzhou Processing Center, the export of mutual seal (domestic transfer)
Hi Almas,

It couldn't leave China and is on the way back to the sender now.
My tracking NoRV199498856CN .howcan I return it.
Hi Amsalakshmisemban,

It's en route to India now. If you want it returned back, you can only wait for it and contact India Post to returned it back when it arrives in your country.

2019-10-17 15:46
Shanghai, delivered to air transport

2019-10-16 16:29
Shanghai, delivered to air transport

2019-10-16 16:28
Shanghai, delivered to air transport

2019-10-15 17:24
Shanghai, arriving at Shanghai International Mail Exchange Station (via transfer)

2019-10-14 17:41
Guangzhou, leaving Guangzhou International, the next stop , Shanghai International Mail Exchange Station (via transfer)

2019-10-13 14:22
Guangzhou, Guangzhou International has been exported directly sealed

2019-10-13 07:59
Foshan City, leaving the International Small Pack Processing Center, the next stop , Guangzhou International

2019-10-12 22:35
Foshan City, "International Small Bag Processing Center" has received, agent: agency administrator

2019-10-11 21:20
Logistics order created
Why is my package returned to the seller? What is the reason?

Order number LL832982885CN
I got a package from China to London how do I return it
Sir my packet traking no is UW338148548CN
How many days to I receive it or not
I want return is it return if i am not take it or it return my self
Please i want to return this
Hi I went to fetch my parcel at the post office and they informed me that my parcel was being returned to the sender,how do I get it sent back to me?
Hi there
My tracking number is Rn508382825gb
It said it would be returned to sender (me) a couple months ago and I still haven't received anything.
Hi James,

It's in transit in China and will be returned back. You'd better wait for more days to receive it. It usually takes a long time to be returned back, please wait patiently for it.

Number: RN508382825GB
Package status: Alert
Country: United Kingdom -> China
2020-06-29 08:23, PUTIAN, China, Refused - Returned to Sender
2020-06-29 07:44, PUTIAN, China, Refused - Returned to Sender
2020-06-29 07:44, 351199, Due to be delivered today
2020-06-28 07:52, 35004900, China, Item Despatched
2020-06-28 07:51, China, Released from Customs
2020-06-28 07:40, China, Released from Customs
2020-06-28 07:40, 35004900, China, Item Despatched
2020-06-27 02:19, FUZHOU, China, Your item is currently with Customs in the destination country
2020-06-27 02:18, 35004900, China, Item received at Sorting Office
2020-06-22 08:02, BEIJING, China, Item has left the overseas International Processing Centre
2020-06-22 02:29, BEIJING, China, Item Received
2020-06-17 00:16, LANGLEY HWDC, Item Leaving the UK
2020-06-16 23:25, LANGLEY HWDC, Item Received by Royal Mail
2020-06-16 19:49, Greenford MC, Item Despatched to Heathrow Worldwide DC
2020-06-16 19:35, Greenford MC, Item received at
2020-06-16 17:56, Sender preparing item
2020-06-16 15:56, Mill Hill Post Office [NW7 3DG], Accepted at Post Office.
LY323909852CN. My package has been in transit for 52 days. Now it reads "Return to Sender" Does that mean, I'm not getting my package I paid for and it's staying in China?
How can I return to sender
Hi Stephen Dodds,

Why do you return it back? You need to contact the sender to ask for the address to return back.
Hey I'll like to know why my order returned back to the sender.
Order number- YT2115521266041446
My parcel id CP410724265CN shows return to deposit. What does that mean?
My package has been returned back to you because the address was incorrect. Tracking number LX280512474CN
Would you please advise me on how to have it delivered back to the correct address..
Thank you
Kelly Hansson
It says it’s been returned to sender but The gmail I got says to pick it up at local post office?
My parcel hasn’t been collected by recipient in China, how long until it will be returned to me in the Uk?

Tracking number: RN799026376GB
Hi there!
My package RV598621124CN results sent back to the seller because of a security control. How long does it takes to return to the chinese seller? They will reship my item only when the first package will return -.-..
It says returned to sender but I dont know why
My order says cannot import return to sender.
Hi Christine roscoe,

In this case, you need to contact the seller to reflect the problem and get a solution from the seller as soon as possible.
Where's my package

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