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Return to Sender Request: USPS Package stuck at Chinese Customs


Hello, I am the sender and I made a mistake on the shipping address to the recipient in Hunan, China.

It is currently held at the “Chinese Import Customs On-Hold for user to pay taxes” for almost 3-4 months. I wish to request to have the package return back to me (the sender). 

My USPS tracking number is: CH159633601US. I cannot find a working email address for the Chinese Import Customs in Beijing. Someone please help. Just need my package return back to the sender.

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Hi Andromeo,

Sorry, we are only a tracking platform and couldn't deal with the package for you. You need to contact the receiver in China and request the receiver in China to help you contact China Post to return it back. The receiver needs to call China Post service number 11185 to require.

What is the phone number I can call from the U.S. to China Post that handles my specific package problem? I assume there are different phone number for each Province? I can find someone who can speak Mandarin Chinese and call for me.
Hi Andromeo,

You can call 86 10 11185 from the US.

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