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Please return this package to sender. Refuse to accept delivery.

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Hi Ken,

Sorry, we couldn't return package for you. You can refuse to get it when it's delivered. Also, you need to let your seller know that you will refuse to get it and send it back.
Hi, i’ve been tracking my order and the status last July 19 says “RETURNED TO SENDER”. I just want to know the reason why its being returned to sender? And if i’m still be able to receive my parcel. Thanks.

Tracking no.: Lp006557605cn
Hi CatherineSG,

It couldn't pass the customs' check and returned back. You need to contact the seller to refund you as soon as possible or send it again to you by using different ways.
I would like to return a package with was sent to me via China Post. I did not purchase the items and I would like to return the package how do I do that?
Hi Ada,

You need to contact the sender to ask for the address and phone number to return it back. If you couldn't contact him, you can't return it back. I suggest you keep it if you are not charged. It may be s brushing scam sent by sellers in China to boost the seller's ratings by creating fake orders. They usually ship an inexpensive product to an unwitting receiver and then submitting positive reviews on the product.

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Thank you
Best Regards

Return to sender (5 replies)

Please return this package to sender. Refuse to accept delivery.

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