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Package return to sender



can you help me with my package LV934799160CN.
It says it returned to the sender.
Where is the package now and what happened to it that it got returned.

Thank you

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Hello, I am the sender and I made a mistake on the shipping address to the recipient in Hunan, China.

It is currently held at the “Chinese Import Customs On-Hold for user to pay taxes” for almost 3-4 months. I wish to request to have the package return back to me (the sender). 

My USPS tracking number is: CH159633601US. I cannot find a working email address for the Chinese Import Customs in Beijing. Someone please help. Just need my package return back to the sender.

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Please return this package to sender. Refuse to accept delivery.

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Return package sent back from U.S to China on begainging of June, seller receiver refused declare to customs. It's been held for over 2 months. What happen if receiver does not do customs declaration? Would customs return the package to sender? How long will it be retuned back to sender? Do customs have deadline return the package?

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