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Package, stuck 2 weeks in liege linehaul


My tracking number is LT642880165NL
So far my package has been stuck there 2 weeks but I need it for easter in my hands.
I also have a colleague whose package arrived at Liege on the same day as mine but it has already left Liege? Why was his package processed faster?
How do the workers at Liege pick which packages to send first? Is it not first in first out?
Is customs perhaps processing my package and why is there no notification about that?
What is my package right now doing in Liege? Is it just sitting in its container or is it being processed and by what?
How do I know if my package is lost or stolen? Is there a tracking notification for that(as in the sorting facility can't find my package and then they send a notification for that)?
I don't want a refund, I want my package.

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Hi Mario,

Due to the coronavirus, packages are processed slowly. Sometimes fast and sometimes slow depending on the situation. It may be delayed due to some reason. I suggest you wait for more days to see.

I understand that there is covid but that does not answer many of my questions.
Mostly how come my friends package arrived at the same day in Liege and was processed the next day while mine is still there two weeks after?
How do they pick packages which to process first?
Why is there a lack of updates on what my package is doing?
Is my package just sitting in a pile?
And lastly I have information that the Liege sorting center was having capacity problems even before covid.

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