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Package stuck at awaiting international departure for 2 months, now says expired


Hi, could I please get some information about my parcel LZ707383184CN? It has been stuck at :
Cleared and awaiting international departure FUZHOU (CN) since April 5th with no further updates. It has been awaiting departure since March. Also now on the China post site it says my delivery is expired. If I can have this cleared up for me I would appreciate the help, thanks.

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Hi Katina I'm very sorry you're seeing your package showing as expired just as I am myself. I'm only a customer who was trying to buy a product online I expect like you did yourself so I'm not in any position to be able to know anything about why your package is showing as expired now just as mine is as well. I'm mostly replying back to you to let you know I'm noticing you sent me a message that shows as a reply to my question I sent asking why my package is showing as expired when it's been only 57 days since showing as flight departure which is 3 days less than the 60 days I was told in a reply here by Daisy that it sometimes takes to show up arriving in my country of CANADA--so I'm VERY confused why my package is showing as expired & since you can't let me know why it appears this way I expect you sent me your message by mistake. I'm only wishing to receive replies to my question & your message was 100% FOR SURE NOT a reply message to me. Since my package has now had NO/0 updates in 57 straight days since it last showed as flight departure on March 24th I'm 99% positive I'm very sadly not going to get anymore updates or if I ever do get 1 it will be saying 'EXPIRED' since to me even with COVID-19 it should NOT take OVER 57 days AFTER flight departure to arrive here in CANADA from Shanghai, CHINA! Stay safe!!!

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