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Package stuck at Liege-Linehaul


My package LT332317019NL is stuck at liege-linehaul for 9 days now. how do i know when i'll receive it?

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Hi michal,

There will be update when it arrives in your country. You'd better wait for more days to get update.
Package LD014738913BE has arrived in Belgium on 1 december 2020,when i will get it,its still in line haul
Can somebody please give me an update on my package. Since 7th of November in Belgium and still not delivered to me!!!! LT328707980NL

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I would like to know why I don't receive any updates anymore after the package has land in Liege Linehaul and how long does it take to reach the Netherlands? I heard rumours that packages are mostly stuck for weeks in Liege... I cannot wait that long. This is the code: LT101615961NL

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My package LT478184740NL is for 15 days has Liege-Linehaul Arrival status and doesn't move. It's gifts for kids birthdays that are coming and I can't find any info when it will be send to the next step. Please help me.

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Can you please help me to find out why my package is stuck in Liege Linehaul since the middle of november. It's almost two month so something is wrong. It's tracking number LT373036256NL.

Regards, Åsa Furubom

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