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Package stuck in Guangzhou (Fedex)


Hi, my package has been stuck in Guangzhou for 4 days. Anyone can give me update on this? Is there any problem and how long should I wait? Tracking number 770712206528

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My parcel with FedEx 814441081231 has been stuck in Guangzhou for a week now.

Please can you advise when this should be shipped to the UK?


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Hi there,
My package is stuck in Guangzhou CN, FedEx tracking #786656771473. Can you please tell me the status of this shipment?

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Hello. My FedEx package tracking # 272456574530 is delayed In Guangzhou. This package is time sensitive and extremely important to me. I paid priority shipping for it. I noticed this is a frequent problem with other FedEx customers as well. Why is my package delayed?

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