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Package stuck in transit for over 30 days


Hey there
My package has been stuck in transit for over a month without any updates. Can you tell me what‘s happening exactly? It it just stuck or lost?

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i ordered an item on ebay from seller kaidi55, and i didn't recieve it for 88 days, and it is currently stuck in transit, it has been in transit for over 69 days, i need to know where my package is currently, and i need to know what day my package will arrive. thanks!

Parcel Number: AS193122571CN

Package Stuck In Transit For 30 Days (0 reply)

Hello. I placed my order on November 20th and my package has now been stuck in transit for 30 days with no updates for 20+ days. The last update was “Shipment arrived at a hub or sorting center” along with “Arrival at the Destination” and this was on December 1st. I also use AfterShip to track my package and the map shows me it is still in China? So i am very confused. My tracking number is RG020377105CN and i would just like to know what has happened to my package and where it is now. Thank you.

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my package LV499016027CN has been “in transit” for more than 5 days now. Before that it has been in “handed over to the carrier for transportation” fore more than 10 days.
So could you tell me why is it stuck in transit for more than 5 days .
Thank you

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