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Parcel delivery which I did not order


I have received a small parcel to the UK from the following address:

Zhangcha light industry road
Fire Building
Chancheng District
Foshan City
Guangdong Province

I have not ordered this item. I would like to email the company which sent it. Would you have any advice how I could do this please?

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Apparently just one of dozens that received Gucci? Scarf wtf who are these people? Refund?
we were all cheated. I reported the police. This is a thief. He cheats and sends shit.
All these messages cannot be wrong. I received the same scarf. What do i so with this. What is this company and how do I send it back!!!
I received a Dior scarf instead of my order. What do i do with it? This also came from Cen JiaYu.
I did receive today a Parcel No LO466855920CN in Germany with a scarf which I did not order from:
First Floor of Yanbu Eurodan Underwear Factory in South Chin
Chancheng, Foshan
Guangdong 528000
China, Phone 8613516666666
It seems that the scammer is obviously not stopped by China Post or the Police. It is more than obvious from all the reported cases that someone is cheating people and someone at China Post should do something against it!
I will send the parcel from Germany now back to the the scammer who did send it.
Could you please help to get the email Address of the man who is located at the above address?
people cheating on everyone. Chinese thief. Do not be fooled. I will certainly fight for my money. Fuck thief
Hi all,
I just want to add something from my side to this discussion.
Three weeks ago my mother was mislead by this cheater via fake ChinaStore site.
Fortunately she doesn't have a credit card, so i provided her mine, a virtual one.
She ordered some pillows to sleep on, then my card was charged with india-rupees instead of dollars. (i've payed a ton of many for exchange in this exotic currency). Bright side of this story is that my card was easily deleted by me, immediately after discovering that all of this was just a fraud (no https on store site) - only my mother personal data are gone to cheaters now. Now my mum also received a scarf from GUCCI and note for 38 500HKD (hongkong dollars) which is almost 5000USD. I just hope that this is not some TAXing fraud done by this criminal individual. As I see now - it is more organized action (i see here people from italy, spain, germany and poland involved). Maybe we should report this shit to our authorities, but to be honest i doubt that they will be able to do something with it (china is too big and far away in terms of our laws too). We need to be more careful during shopping via net these days.
Hello, today i receive an order from CenJiaYou first floor of Yanbu Eurodan Underwear Factory in South Chin
CHANCHENG,FOSHAN,GUANGDONG 528000, that isn’t my order. In fact i receive a Christian Dior scarf and not my Dr.Martens shoes
the same thing happened to me today.
I ordered a pair of shoes (Timberland ) and i received an unworthy Scarf (Dior ) .
I think we got scammed like really really good .
I did receive a Parcel No LW872097297CN in US with a Dior scarf which I did not order from:
First Floor of Yanbu Eurodan Underwear Factory in South Chin
Chancheng, Foshan
Guangdong 528000
China, Phone 8613516666666
I thought I was ordering something and got scarf also!?!? Paid for not even close to what I ordered. Writing in case anything is done about this. Pissed!
Definitely an ongoing fraud at a large scale. I got the fake Gucci scarf a month ago instead of my order from seemingly a legit French online shop. And today my in laws got their Gucci scarf too.
I ordered a winter coat and two pull over jackets. I received a scarf. I have tried to send emails and have gotten no responce. Has anyone had any luck getting an answer from these people ?
I have a package that I didn’t order and it’s a $4850.00 Dior scarf and I didn’t order it and no one bought it for me. I’m not sure what to do I also checked where it was made and it said it was made in Italy. I’m not sure if it’s real. What should I do?
I keep receiving scarfs 2 and I did not order them they are from first floor of Yanbu Eurodan underwear factory in south China chancheng roshan Guangdong 528000 China
What do I do with these scarves they are ugly as well
Today, December 17th, I received by China Post an e-packet from the sender CenJiaYu at no. 21 Jiangwan Road, Chancheng District, Foshan, Guangdong, China . The phone number given by the sender is 8613516666666. In the packet was a cheap polyester scarf with an amazing set of labels: one fake "Hermes" label, one label that says "Made in Great Britain 100% cachemire" and on the back of the same label, "100% pure silk." I did not order this scarf or any other scarf, and no one has sent this to me as a gift. A "sales memo" marked "Hermes" accompanies the scarf with a bill for 4,050 HKD.
Please investigate this fraud, of which many people are complaining, before it does further damage to the reputation for honesty of Chinese merchants.

I ordered a pair of shoes and instead of shoes I got a Hermes scarf. I contacted CenJiaYu but I didn't got any response. I feel like it was a scam. What should I do?
Have a great day,
Does anyone ever answers these questions ?
good evening I received my package but the item I ordered is not the one received. I ordered two lyu jo bag and received a Dior brand scarf. I look forward to receiving my package. The shipping number is: LO554515555CN
I would like you to contact me by e-mail to find out about the two bags and to return the scarf.
I have received socks that I did not order in place of my son's camo boots that we've been waiting for since October. What do I do now???
je commande du matériel de pêche et je recois un tube de rouge à lèvres à 12 euros ??????? SUIVI DU COLIS ;LO585926269CN
commandé du matériel de pêche et reçu du rouge à lèvres à 12 euros ,suivi LO585925269CN ? OU EST MA COMMANDE ???????????
Hi, Could someone tell me how to get my money back from CENYAYU China? I have ordered a tea box at 43€ and I received a pair of sock, a bunc of bastards. Thank you.
I have received a wrong package "goods". I ordered a jacket but I received a sweater instead. What can you so for me ?
I today received a Fake Burberry scarf from this company instead of an order from Radley which seemed to be too good to be true. Payment went to Center Harbor Yacht cl. Site looked genuine. I have since cancelled bank card.Would love to return scarf and have requested a refund
good evening I received my package but the item I ordered is not the one received. I ordered one liu jo bag and one long jacket liu jo and received a Balenciaga brand hat. I look forward to receiving my package. The shipping number is: LO663272845CN
I would like you to contact me by e-mail to I riceived the one bag and one long jacket and to return the hat.
Got also a package I didn't order... Can anyone post the address of the online shop? Thanks
I order a pair Nike air trainers but In stead they have sent me a Burberry scarf, I really up set as I order them for my girl 15 birthday tomorrow, how can i sort this out as this is not on if it is a scam and now I got upset daughter.
Did anyone who got one of these packages get sick 1-2 weeks after opening it? A friend of mine got one of those packages back at the beginning of November and she got sick shortly after with COVID-like symptoms. When she was better, but still had a cough, she came to my house and I got sick about 1.5 weeks later. This was the beginning of January and supposedly COVID wasn't in the United States at that time. It was the most sick I've ever been and the symptoms were identical to what they are saying for COVID. I'm wondering if these packages contained more than a scarf!
I order over £40 worth of lego and waited over two weeks for this to come. And then when it came through the door, I see its some Scarf.
Not happy.
Is there an email or phone that I can get in contact with as this is a joke

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