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Hi, there was an error in my shipment, there will have been certainly an exchange between my package and someone else's package therefore the package has arrived but that's not what I ordered.
Instead of receive the shoes has arrived a scarf; I want to know how to receive the shoes that I had ordered, please.
The number tracking was LO866886450CN
I await your response.

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Hi Robert Mastrapasqua,

To my experience, you are scammed. May users reflect in this website that they receive a scarf instead of what they ordered. You'd better try to contact the seller to reflect the problem and give you a solution. If you couldn't get response from the seller, you are sure to be scammed.
Hi, this is the second time I write to you.
(My number tracking was LO866886450CN)
Practically a week ago I received a package that wasn’t mine, since I ordered shoes and received a scarf due to an exchange that was made between my package and another person's package.
Then I asked how to get my package back; one of you said telling me that to get a scarf instead of what I ordered then I have been scammed, to then advise me to contact the site to give me a solution at this problem, and the at if I had not received a response then he meant that I have been scammed.
Then I contacted the site by e-mail explaining the situation, however they replied apologising for what happened given for the problem that they sand many packages a day and giving me solutions.
So there I can assure that wasn’t a scammed and that is an error that you accidentally did at the exchange center, so first I’d like to know if you have had another report from another person always for this reason, if yes, to contact him and explaining that I have his package instead him mine, and I would like to do an exchange.
For convenience I would prefer to receive the answer by e-mail;
this is my e-mail
I await your response.
Hi Robert Mastrapasqua,

Sorry, we couldn't notice that person. We are only a tracking platform for packages and don't deal with packages. You need to let the seller give you a solution about it.

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