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Parcel from Denmark CC754449065DK


A parcel has been sent to china by PostNord (CC754449065DK). In the Post Nord APP shows: Import documents are missing. This parcel is a Bicycle, and this is not a new bike. I have travel whit that bicycle from Colombia to Denmark and now I wanted travel with my bicycle to China, because I will live here the next two years because I am a Student. You can Check it, that bike is a old bike.

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Tracking no: CC783987637DK (1 reply)

Hi, this parcel CC783987637DK is on its way to Beijing from Denmark through Postnord.
I have been scammed, so I need this parcel to be send back to me in Denmark!! The value of this parcel is 2250 USD, so there is a lot of money on stake here!!
Postnord cannot help me as the parcel has left the country..
Can you please help me??? I will do anything and pay anything to get this parcel sent back/returned to sender!
Best regards Trine

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dear China Post
I HAVE BEEN CHEATED through PayPal. I have sent an expensive Watch but got no payment.
I wish to stop a package with ID tracking number RR219503257DK
I am being told by POST NORD in Denmark the parcel has left Denmark and on its way to China
The receiver is:
Country:P.R. CHINA
Zip code: 100025
Phone Number: 15810576000

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