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parcel has been stuck in GuangDongShengGuangZhouShi 51000061


My package has been stuck in "Despatch from Sorting Center
GuangDongShengGuangZhouShi 51000061" for quite a while. How long should it take for it to ship?

Tracking number: LM327601979CN

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Hi, my parcels has no update more than 1 month since arrive Hangzhou, is it still there or already in transit? Can you check please, LA132857248CN, thank you
Hola mi paquete esta congelado en transferencia hace 9 dias el codigo es RV559105971CN, y este me sale que avion aterrizo RV551653416CN y esta congelado durante 30 dias ya. Donde estan mis cosas
Package has no updates since April do you know anything that could help UU060144262CN
Hi Daisy, the last update of my parcel was on the 27th of April...up until now the status has not updated. Where is my parcel?
Tracking code: EV971076850CN
Hi my package has been stuck here for at least 12 days and I was wondering where abouts it is and when will it hit the uk please

2021-05-27 18:35
Jingzhou City, arrived at Jingzhou City Network Operations Center package processing class

My tracking Id is LZ886345100CN

Hello I have SHEIN parcel Which is not moving since 12 june generally parcel used to be deliver in 7 days But this is has passed time frame order number GSHMH100M00MBL3 Its from SHEIN PLease update as i have to move Overseas I need it urgent before I leave
Hi Daisy!!
I don´t know what´s happening. My package EJ380169482ES cannot be processed. Is it correct that "Merchandise invoice is missing to complete the process"? What is that? To which address do I send such an Merchandise invoice?
My package is not a merchandise, it is birthday present. Some of the things I made myself, and I don´t have a invoice, as i MADE those things myself.
What can I do?
Many thanks!!!
Hello! I see that my package EJ380169482ES is being stopped with the reason of
1) Is it correct that "Merchandise invoice is missing to complete the process"?
2) What is that? Can you please give me an example?
3) To which address do I send such an Merchandise invoice?

My package is not a merchandise, it is birthday present. The probelm is, that some of the things I made myself, and I don´t have an invoice, as i MADE those things myself.
Many thanks for your help!!
LW006463236CN Last message NewYork-Linehaul Arrival Hoout, but USPS does not show this tracking number. message before this said Arrival at Destination, but I live in Hawaii, so New York's not the destination. I really want to know where this is, as it was a gift which is now quite late.
Please parcel been stuck at depart from departure transit tracking # WI003545701280FPL
I still don't have my package that I could track until 10 juni after this date I can't track no more the track code is LZ888102701CN pleas help

My parcel has been stuck on “waiting for airline space since 07/12/2021. Can you please advise on how much longer it may take? EV984650648CN

Thank you
Could you please update the information about my package tracking number: CA662931895IN
There is no update last three days. Any problem?
Thank You
Hi, my parcel has been stuck in Guangzhou,YiJiaoChengYunShangYunShu. Can I get updates on it?
Tracking Number:EB751024654CN
Porfavor necesito su ayuda mi pedido se ha quedado atascado del 1de septiembre y no hay actualizaciones? Lo necesito urgente y hace un par de días poco hice otra compra y lo enviaron por ems tbm y ya esta llegando a mi país pero porque la primera compra que hice no hay actualizaciones, es como si se hubiesen olvidado de enviarlo por favor necesito su ayuda
Hi, my parcel to Hong Kong is stuck at Guanzhou City, has been delivered to carrier transport since 7th Sep 2021. Its already more than 20 days. When can I expect to come to Hong Kong.
my parcel EB753797206CN has been stuck waiting for transit for at least 4 days now even though I was told it would be a 5-10 day delivery? it hasn't updated, where is it?
UU228407041CN this package has been stuck in china for over 60 days. Why has it not left china? Package shipped August 11 2021.
My a parcel been stuck for almost 3 months and all in total I’ve been waiting for 4 and a half months can I know what’s going on with shipping method and I can’t even track them anymore
Hello , my parcel is stuck and I would like to know any knews about it shipping code : RV588915509CN
Tracking number UU295375050CN package has been sent from Guangzhou,Guangzhou to Sydney Australia and then back to Guangzhou, Guangzhou. Have contacted sender with no success. Delivery date on tracking staes from 25/11/21 - 2/12/21. Still no where too be seen.
my package LB858786110DE to china was sent out on nov 28th (69 days ago) and is stuck in Shenzhen now for 8 weeks. Any idea whats going wrong?

My package has been stuck at GUANGZHOU EMS, CHINA for 59 days. It has not moved or updated at all. Can you help me determine what is going on with my package?
Tracking number: LY935840610CN
my package stop moving and tracking number changed
changed to
please help me
Hello, my package CE002835612RS has been in Guangzhou City for a few days now. when will it be shipped to the destination?
I have a package that was sent from UK on 12 March , there are no details of it on reaching China. What can I do ?

Julian Mills
My order UU368628976CN has been stuck since April 1st with no updates. Any help tracking b it's location would be appreciated. Thank you
Where is my package? Since April 9 no update only outbound from sorting center almost 35 days stuck with the same status tracking number RV599613549CN
Hi daisy, why is my package stuck and when do I get it?LV478749058CN
My parcel is still stuck on the same place it was nearly 3 weeks ago now my tracking number is LV485077128CN I a week ago about it and said to wait for a few days for a update but nothing has happened

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