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parcel in transit to the destination 20 days ago!


I shipped my gift to my friend from the US to China Liaoning province, Dalian using USPS priority mail almost 3 weeks ago.
My parcel has been stuck in New York since Jan 30, 2016. I'm wondering where my gift is.
Has it arrived China yet? How long will it take to be delivered?
I paid more for the priority mail because I wanted my friend to get my parcel as soon as possible. And it said the priority mail takes 6-10 business day! This is too long. Please HELP.

Tracking number is LC914597702US

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Hi Sacha,

Latest Event -- 2016-01-30 10:32 JAMAICA, NY 11430, Arrived at USPS Facility, Your item arrived at our USPS facility i...

I think there must be some problem with your item. You'd better call USPS service number to reflect the problem.

Please call: 1-800-275-8777
Thank you Tom

I already checked with USPS. They said my parcel left the US since Jan 30.
They told me to contact China Post.
I searched online about this issue. It said LCxxxxxxxxxUS is a priory mail can China post does not scan.
Is this true?
And if my parcel is not scanned, how can I follow my stuff?

I typed wrong...i meant
I searched online about this issue. It said LCxxxxxxxxxUS is a priory mail and** China post does not scan.
Hi, I try to help you check the shipping information for your parcel, but all china post system couldn't show any information after Jan 30.
Thank you Lucas,

How can I know about my parcel then?
Can I check with the local post office in Dalian?

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