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Parcel is missing


My friend posted my clothes to me in South Africa in 2019 already. I never received it and now the tracking number is not available. I am very sad and disappointed about this. Here is my tracking number cp343369768cn

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Hi Chantell Deetlefs,

It didn't leave China and is stuck in Hefei city now. You'd better let your friend in China call China Post service number 11185 to ask for a solution fron China Post directly.

Number: CP343369768CN
Package status: Expired
Country: China -> Unknown
2020-02-27 10:17 Hefei City, return
2020-02-27 10:17 Hefei City, the "four-brand building branch" has been received and sent
2020-01-29 10:18 Hefei City, import customs release
2020-01-29 10:16 Hefei City, sent to the import customs
2020-01-28 15:06 Hefei City, leave the "Post Hefei City School Road", the next stop "Hefei Center"
2020-01-28 10:04 Hefei City, return
2020-01-28 10:04 Hefei City, "School Road Post Office" has been received and sent
2020-01-28 00:00 Hefei City, return
2020-01-09 14:27 Hefei City, signed, others collect: Luo Zhixuan, delivery man: Zhang Zhihai, tel: 19956029553
2020-01-09 09:07 Hefei City, "Five Liyu Business Department" arrangement delivery, delivery: Zhang Zhihai, Tel: 19956029553, Touting Department Tel: 0551-65126424
2020-01-07 17:03 Hefei City, "Government New Area Business Department" to return to business (return)
2020-01-07 17:01 Hefei City, "Government New Area Business Department" delivery results feedback - not properly cast, notes (no this person / unit, and can not contact the recipient), delivery: Jiang Mei, tel: 19956029489
2020-01-07 08:13 Hefei City, "Government New District Business Department" arrangement delivery, delivery: Jiang Mei, tel: 19956029489, the Department of Investment Tel: 0551-63538759
2019-12-26 15:22 Hefei City, import customs release
2019-12-26 02:49 Hefei City, Reach hefei Center (transit)
2019-12-25 20:34 Wuxi City, leave Wuxi Distribution, next stop Hefei Center (transit)
2019-12-25 06:14 Wuxi City, Arrive at Wuxi Distribution (Transit)
2019-12-24 05:47 Guangzhou City, leave guangzhou terminal, the next stop "Wuxi distribution" (transit)
2019-12-23 20:21 Guangzhou City, to reach Guangzhou Terminal (transit)

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