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Parcel not delivered from Aliexpress


I have a parcel pending delivery from Ali express to Qatar , tracking number is RA325615589QA.
When I went to find out about the parcel at local post office, they informed that tracking number RA325615589QA is fake as the last two letters should not be as QA if the parcel is inbound.
However the Aliexpress supplier claims that it has arrived on 14 Sept, 2022 to Qatar,. Today is 23 Sept, 2022 .
Can anyone help giving me the contact details of courier company HJYT
Logistics company , through which this was shipped?
Anyone has similar experience?

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There is no tracking information for RA325615589QA. You need to contact the seller to ask if he provided you with a wrong tracking number. If Aliexpress supplier claims to be delivered, you also need to open a dispute on Aliexpress to get refund in time.

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Any information will be greatfully appreciated.

Kindest regards


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Thanks in Advance

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