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We posted a parcel home from the Old Town Post Office in Lijiang on 2016-08-29 to
It has not arrived and tracking shows the parcel going to Shanghai and back to Lijiang.
Can you please check for the parcel and send it to us in Australia?
Thank you

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Yes, it didn't pass the custom check. It shows this parcel has been send back and delivered successfully on Sep. 14. I'm not sure who was the receiver if it has been sent back?
We appreciate your prompt reply. Can you find out any more?
We posted the item when we were on holiday in Lijiang. There is no-one who would be able to accept the parcel on our behalf in Lijiang.
As far as we can recall the parcel contained two woollen jumpers and an old South East China Lonely Planet publication. These are things we no longer needed in China during our holiday and we thought to lighten our suitcase load.
We would like our parcel to be sent home to us in Australia.
Thank you.
Hi Doug,

It may be returned back to Old Town Post Office in Lijiang. You'd better call China Post customer service number +86 10 11185 (then 8 for English service) to ask them check where it is now and ask if they could deliver it to you again.

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