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Parcel Not Moving at Shenzhen Transit Station


1. My parcel destination is Shenzhen.
2. Tracking No. shows parcel reached Shenzhen on 19 April 2016 - "Shenzhen Transit Station import customs cleared (domestic transit)".
3. No tracking movement since then - 19 April 2016.
4. What actually is happening? Recipient said parcel will be returned to me (despite the remarks import customs cleared)
5. How long does it take for the parcel to be "moving" again ?


3 Answer(s)

Could you let know your tracking number in order to help you track its status?

By the way, do you mean the recipient refused to accept it and it will be returned to you?
1. My tracking no CP312008129MY.
2. Based on tracking record, no delivery attempt to recipient at all - parcel stays at Shenzhen Transit Station.
3. Recipient informed me that they called China Customs and items will be returned to me in Malaysia.

4. Asked recipient to take the parcel out from the China Customs (considering it has cleared the China Customs) - recipient informed me it cant be taken out. Probably the recipient do not want the hassle of collecting the parcel.

4. If indeed the parcel is to kept by the China Customs and to be returned to sender, normally how long is the customs processing time for the parcel to be returned.

If the parcel is to be returned, it needs a long time. I think it needs half a month.

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