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Parcel stuck in Shanghai sorting center! HELP!


On September 14, my package arrived at the Shanghai Regional Sorting Center, but since then it has not moved. A month and a half have passed and the product has not been returned to the seller or shipped to Chile.
Tracking no: RE235082408CN

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Hi mlagosle,

It's delayed in Shanghai. It's not normal that it's stuck there for over 50 days. You need to contact the seller to give you a solution (refund you or send it again to you) as soon as possible.

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My parcel from Italy to Hong Kong with tracking number RC012314001IT has been stuck at Shanghai sorting Center since March 14. May I please know why it’s been there for so long? Your help is much appreciated!

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It's been over a week and it seems my parcel has not moved after arriving at the Shanghai sorting facility. It's fairly urgent and the sender did say it was posted with express.
Tracking no: EA385123363CN

2020-02-25 09:45:00 JiangSuShengNanJingShi 21002901 Posting
2020-02-25 14:38:07 JiangSuShengNanJingShi NJSN Arrival at Sorting Center
2020-02-26 20:06:48 JiangSuShengNanJingShi NJGJHHJ Despatch from Sorting Center
2020-02-27 00:13:18 ShangHaiShi PDHZ Arrival at Sorting Center

Any help will be greatly appreciated please and thank you,

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Hi there:
May I know the update for my parcel MY205047373251U:
14-05-2020 14:48
Your parcel is shipped from our sorting center in Shanghai, China
14-05-2020 12:17
Your parcel has arrived at our sorting center in Shanghai, China
14-05-2020 09:11
Your parcel is shipped from the seller to our overseas sorting center
13-05-2020 15:40
Your parcel is ready to ship from the seller
13-05-2020 15:40
Order pick-up request (SPX:MY201861144964)

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