Parcels returned to China and we don't know what to do

Asked by Paulo | 7/1/2020 11:11:35 PM

We have send 5 parcels with personal things from Hangzhou to Bahrain in January. In a few months the parcels got send back. China post said the reason is that Bahrain didn't accept it. Now Bahrain does accept parcels from China, but China post said THEY don't send abroad at the moment. Should we wait? Or is it better just to ask for refund?

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Daisy 7/3/2020 5:54:10 PM

Hi Paulo,

If you still want the items, you'd better wait for more days. If you don't need them, you can choose to ask for refund if you think the refund amount is acceptable.

Helena 11/16/2020 10:26:14 PM

Hello. About 5 months ago I ordered from this company (see below) a three piece white linen suit. It has never arrived. Instead a very small (child size) track pants arrived. I have been in constant contact with the company Franklin Moore email address ( and they are refusing to send me what I ordered and also now refusing to reimburse me the US$80.00 I paid.
Thiis is the address but no Company name

Please return the unit for refund.

Here is the return information:

No. 1 Shuiyuntou Industrial Zone, South Management District,
Humen Town,

Do you know of this company at all and is there anything that you can do to help me. They will not give me a phone number either. I have been dealing with them on a weekly basis to no avail.
I live in Sydney Australia and this was my shipping number.
They keep telling me that the goods I ordered have arrived but I can honestly tell you that they have NEVER arrived.
Please help in any way if you can.
Kindest regards
Helena Heidenreich

Jang 3/3/2021 10:24:59 AM

I had also ordered a product, and wanted to return it due to the significant difference of the item i ordered and the item i received. If you paid with PayPal, you can open a dispute to get your money back and report the website as a fraud.

Though my only question is if I could file a dispute without sending back the item because the shipping fee is much more expensive than the item, and because the address linked with the "company" has a history of scamming. Thanks!

Annika Catterson 3/3/2021 7:37:54 PM

I sent a package to No. 1 Shuiyuntou Industrial zone, South Management District, Humen Town, Dongguan, China 523900 tracking # UH033071279US can you tell me if it was delivered

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