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Please answer me :(


At least 15 orders (all clothes) are stuck in Guangzhou, for example RP646437108CN. Is there a problem in there? Will my package arrive or is it lost/returned? There’s nothing inside and the senders are reliable sellers, so what could cause all packages sent by different sellers to have the same problem? Please give me information about the tracking number that I mentioned, thank you.

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Your package is packed with other packages in a large package. Some of the other packages may couldn't pass the check, so your package is returned back together. It will be checked again.

You'd better watch out the delivery deadline on AliExpress and open a dispute if you couldn't receive it before the date.

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I have submitted a question on 3/18/2024 7:35:12 AM
15 days have passed. Why don't they answer me?
I have not received an email from the sender.
I don't know any information.
Waiting for an answer.

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