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Please give me accurate expected time of delivery


Hi, three of my packages have been sent through China Post.
The border area between Pakistan and China has reopened to move the containers. Now, please tell me where these packages are?? I need to move to Canada and I need these packages.
When I check on this site, it says expired at the end. Please tell me asap when I will receive these packages or will they be returned?
These packages have been in transit since October and they all are 20 kg packages.
I asked Pakistan Post. They have not received it yet.

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Hi safakhan,

They should be stuck in the middle location due to the coronavirus. You'd better wait for more days to see. If they couldn't be delivered in this month, I suggest you contact the sender to get a solution as soon as possible.
Sender is a friend not a vendor. There is no problem with him sending. Daisy, can you please find what is the status of these packages? If they are in Urumqi or with Pakistani customs?
Hi safakhan413,

They are sent by a cheap way of China Post. It couldn't be tracked after it leaves for some stations. To my experience, it should be in the middle location now. You'd better contact your friend to go the post office to check them for you.

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