Please tell me where my package is

Asked by Joe | 3/10/2020 7:05:19 PM

Can you please tell me where my package is located and when it will be delivered? It hasn't moved since 2/24/20 and I'm concerned it's been lost. Tracking number: EA451893175CN

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Daisy 3/11/2020 1:19:42 AM

Hi Joe,

It's not lost. It has left China and is in transit to the US now. You can not know the exact situation when it's in the middle locations. It usually takes about 10-25 days (after it left China) to reach and there will be further update when it arrives.

Number: EA451893175CN
Package status: In transit
Country: China -> United States
2020-02-25 07:58, Hangzhou, delivered to air transport
2020-02-25 04:42, Hangzhou, away from the Hangzhou International Processing Center, the next stop ,Hangzhou Exchange Station (via transfer)
2020-02-24 23:02, Hangzhou, Hangzhou International Processing Center has been exported directly sealed
2020-02-24 03:34, Hangzhou, hangzhou Xiaoshan Processing Center (via transfer)
2020-02-24 00:38, Jinhua City, leaving jinhua Jindong Processing Center, the next stop , Hangzhou Xiaoshan Processing Center (via transfer)
2020-02-23 22:17, Jinhua City, arriving at Jinhua Jindong Transit Center (via transfer)
2020-02-23 17:55, Lishui City, leaving the Longquan Transfer Investment Department, the next stop , Jinhua Jindong Processing Center
2020-02-23 17:42, Lishui City, arriving at Longquan
2020-02-23 17:37, Lishui City, leaving longquan city business department Longyuan, the next stop " Zhejiang Longquan City Center"
2020-02-23 15:48, Lishui City, Longquan City Business Department Longyuan has received

Joe 3/12/2020 3:01:15 PM

Why does it take 10 - 25 days to send a package from China if it's being flown and not sent on a ship?

Daisy 3/12/2020 6:37:45 PM

Hi Joe,

Parcels are handled in bulk as part of a mail stream of many items. This makes things much slower, but also much cheaper than an airline ticket. Due to the coronavirus, it may be delayed for some days.

Joe 3/12/2020 7:05:02 PM

I really appreciate all the info and quick responses to my questions. I'm just trying to figure all this out. I just wish there was a way to keep track of packages while they're moving between countries. Thank you so much for your help!!

Joe 3/19/2020 9:11:09 PM

Please tell me if there's an update on my package! It's been 25 days since it left China and I thought it would be here! I need to know where my package is located and when it will arrive

Daisy 3/20/2020 6:56:06 AM

Hi Joe,

It's still in transit and hasn't arrived. You'd better wait for more days to see.

Joe 3/20/2020 7:02:32 AM

According to the seller my package is still sitting at Hangzhou airport and hasn't been shipped yet so what's going on? I need to know where my package is located. It's almost been a month since it shipped so I've been waiting on it day after day. I'm sorry for the frustration, but I'm not getting a clear answer and I feel like my package is lost or forgotten all together.

Daisy 3/20/2020 8:07:49 AM

Hi Joe,

Packages usually leave China in a week after you see it was delivered to air transport. Due to the coronavirus, many packages are delayed. To my experience, it has left China and is in transit to the US now.

Joe 3/25/2020 2:37:39 AM

Your answer is not what I asked. I want to know specifically where on this planet my package is located so I know it hasn't been lost or is in route to me. I want to know because this is ridiculous!

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