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postage quotae for big packages


i'd like to quote a 30kg packqage from china to brazil

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regarding the package (1 reply)

I understand that the virus pandemic has slowed down the sending of packages, but you must also understand the people who are waiting for the packages. I paid for packages RE046314969CN,RE042929423CN .Tell me when the packages arrive at the customs of the state of Serbia. Give me a guarantee that you will send me these packages, because the delivery time on Aliexpress expires in a few days, so in that case I would have to initiate a dispute to request a refund. As you know it doesn’t suit me because I would have to give much, much more money for the same items again. I have been waiting for the packages for more than three months, they are still with you. China Post you are a serious company, give me a guarantee that you will send all these packages so that I can inform the sellers on Aliexpress that the sale will be with your guarantee. I understand that postage increased in May 2020, but that is not my concern. I paid the amount for the goods on AliExpress in March and April which was indicated. Buying and selling must be done. Let me know as soon as possible about all these packages. Thank you for your understanding!

Quotation to Indonesia by Postage Rate AIR (3 replies)

I have a supplier in China, and I would like to receive a sample from one supplier, what is the latest quotation for 1 Packages 76x57x42cm (17KG Weight)?
Origin: Daxing District, BEIJING CHINA (Postal code: 102600)
Destination: West Java Province, Bandung - Indonesia (Postal code 40162)

This Postage Rate for AIR Parcel in the following table above is registered mail classifications rates which are trackable?

Thanks for your attention
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postage of item (3 replies)

Hi I have been tracking my postage from the Uk to china and the last update it shows is that it has been dispatched from the Office of Exchange on the 29th of July. its been approx two weeks now and the recipient hasn't received the package. is there a reason why its taking this long to be delivered? or is this normal.

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