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Hello, can I ask the price for shipping 75cm*105cm play pen for 6 PCs? 1 pc = 2.5kg.. ( ems and large package)

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Also can you please recommend the cheapest safest package? Thanks
What's the destination country for the packages? To different countries, the rate is different.
Hi Daisy, yes sorry I forget it. It is to be sent to Australia..thanks
Hi Daisy,
The dimension is 75cm*105 cm thickness 8cm , to Australia
Hi Maria,

I don't suggest you use EMS if you are not so urgent. Price for 2.5kg by EMS is about 430RMB.

By China post registered air mail, it costs about 265 RMB, via SAL about 220RMB, and via Surface about 130RMB.

I suggest you use China post registered air mail. It's safe and fast.
Hi Daisy, is 265rmb price for 1 kg? Because I have total of 6pcs.. 1pc abt 2.5kg.. If I use China post registered mail /sal/surface,is it charged per volume? Because the dimension is big with packaging.. So how to calculate if charged by volume?
Can it really sent by China post registered maikl?
265rmb price for 2.5kg. The size should be within the limit. You'd better go to your local post office to require.
Hi Daisy,
Is surface = China post large packet?
What is the maximum length and weight for surface? Thanks
Surface means by ship.

Greatest dimension should be less than 1.05 meters and and length + maximum package circumference should be less than 2 meters.

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