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I want to send package from Shenzhen,china to Israel.
the package is 3.6 k.g ,what is the price?
can I pay online and someone will bring it to your local post office and you will ship it?

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Hi dror,

The price depends on the way you use to deliver your package. If you want it to reach fast, you should send it by air. The price is about 440 RMB. If you are not urgent, you can use ship to deliver. The price is about 160 RMB.

China Post doen't offer online payment for deleverying packages. You should take it or let other's help to take your package to the local post office to ship it.
Soory for asking again but i send a friend of mine to the post and they want to charge mush more.
The package size is 43.5×34.5×16 cm
And it wight 3.8 kg
Can you tell me what is the price of the shipment to israel by sea.?thank you very much
How much do they ask?

3.8 kg package by sea to Israel needs about 180 RMB.

The price I offered is just for your reference. Exact price will be based on the latest quotation of China Post office.
The say that if by sea, it will be charged by 1 cubic meters for all less than 1 cubic meters,so it will need about 300USD charge on the ports of my country, and the fee will be charged by me when it arrive at my ports. And so by air is the best option for small package..there is name for the service you said it around 180rmb?
300USD? The price is so high. I think 300RMB is resonable. I think they should charge based on weight not size.

The price is got from internet. I'm not sure if China Post use the same one or not. But I once used a express agency which is located in Shenzhen, I check the price they offer is also about 450 RMB by air. If you want the cheap price, you can try to contact them through 86-755-23508000. They may give you a reasonable price. You can use a china express service to send your package to Shenzhen first, they will send it for you to Israel. The company is called 4px.

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