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ePacket from China to Canada


hi there, I saw the epacket price chart... there is a set price and then a per gram price. For the set price, what is the max weight before the additional per gram rate adds onto the cost? thank you

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Within 50 gm, it should be paid by as 50 gm.

For example, for 40gm package to Ireland by e-Packet, the price is 25 + 65 = 90 Yuan.
I received the package from e-packet. But when i open the package, it is totally not my order one. But on the delivery note only have the seller name / phone no and address. How to contact the seller directly?? Your side can help me to track it??
Thanks for your help first??
Hi Michelle,

You need to contact the seller by yourself to reflect the proble. We couldn't help you contact.

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