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Is there still a delay if I order a package via epacket to Canada ?

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My package sent by tracking number LX119624734CN to Edmonton, Canada not arrived for nearly 2 months. There is no movement in tracking after it left the country. Please advise status or what I should do
Hi Carlos,

Yes, there is a delay for package sent to Canada via e-packet. If you are urgent, choose other ways.
Tracking number is LS428908732CN i ordered it July 6. Been in transit for 38 days and not updated. Where is my package?

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Hello Daisy,
I need your help please and an Expert Info
I am expecting a ePacket from China to Austria (Vienna)
from Beijing to Vienna is only one single direct flight per week to Austria.
(by China Air)
however, Austrian Airlines flies every day freight from Shanghai to Vienna
but not from Beijing where my ePacket has been waiting for more as a month to catch a plane to Vienna.
Now my question:
ePackets are always transported only with direct flights to the destination country ?
or could it be that, for example, a German Airline like Lufthansa brings a ePacket from Beijing to Germany or another country - and than to Austria?
how does the logistic of ePacket work?
Thank you so much Daisy and sorry for my complex question
Greetings from Austria

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Is there still a delay if I order a package via epacket to Canada ?

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