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Epacket discount?


I am about to start using a supplier through Alibaba.
I want the items sent using Epacket and have the pricelist so I can work out cost per item.
I see there is a handling fee of 19CNY for each parcel plus cost per gram.
Does my supplier need to have an account with Epacket to get better price which they can then pass onto me.
I have asked them the question and they said...
"Actually we dont' have account with E-packet, as we normal ship by express, E-packet we dont use offen, so they dont have discount for you."
Reason I ask is that sellers on Aliexpress can offer very cheap Epacket prices some as low as $1.
So I take it that they are not paying a handling fee per item they send.

How can I save postage costs please?

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Hi coolstuff,

If the supplier doesn't provide you with the way, you'd better try to find another one that could use e-packet. Some sellers on Aliexpress offer very cheap Epacket prices some as low as $1 because they don't earn money from delivery but earn a lot from the products. They need to have more sales in order to save the service fee which should pay to Alibaba. So, they show very low rate of delivery. Epacket price couldn't be as low as $1.
Hi Daisy,

Thanks for the reply.
OK I am starting to get suppliers through Alibaba and some from Aliexpress (who offer Epacket)
I have just secured another product from manufacturer and they said they can send via Epacket if I pay.
So just to verify the cost.
To Australia
1 x handling fee of 19CNY = ~$3.50AUD
(to USA handling fee 6CNY? 0.08CNY per gram?)
plus 0.06CNY per gram of weight = ~$0.01AUD
For items under 2kg and 90cm x 90cm x 90cm.

Estimated delivery time for Australia is under 20 working days…YES?

Thanks again
China Post claims estimated delivery time for e-packet from China to Australia is 7 - 10 working days. But in fact most of them takes about 20 days to reach.

The handling fee to Australia is right.

The handling fee to USA is 9CNY for each piece and 0.074 per gram in the official site of China Post. This is a little difference with what suppliers provide you.

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