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Price of e-Packet


Hi, I called you for a week ago and i had some questions, the person couldn't give me answers so she said that they will contact me. i explained that it is very urgent but i still haven't got any answer from them.
my questions are:
1. If I want to send a packge from China to USA that i sold through Ebay, Should i calculate the price as following: To USA: Handling fee 9RMB +0.074 (Ebay rate) x 600gr= 44RMB. totaly 53.4RMB for a parcel that weighs 600grams?

Can you please reply to me as soon as possible? thank you.

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Yes, your way to calculate the price for 600 grams parcel is right.

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hello guys,
for a large operation -10K-100K+ packages shipped from YIWU
I need to get pricing detail for :
box weight: 0.2 Kg .
box size: 13cm * 13cm* 15cm

we need to ship to -
Germany - price?
Spain- price?
England- price?
France- price?
Netherlands - price?
Belgium- price
Isreal- price?
USA - price?
Australia- price?

ready tosign a distribution contract imidiatly after agreeing on prices

thank you

Yaniv M. ADV

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Dear China EMS,
I'm asking you again after we have not received your answer.
When using the E-packet, could you tell us if a discount according to the quantity?
Please give us if you have an E-packet discount price rate chart.
Thank you.
Best Regards,


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Can you give me a price

for sending a packet 1400 gr from 353 South Street, Shijiazhuang City to Belgium Dorp, 12 3221 Nieuwrode.

35 cm x 10 cm x 15 cm. registred surface parcel or registred (SAL) parcel.

Value of paquet -/+ 15 US $
best regard

Jean Pol Louwette

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