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We are looking to see your quote for shipping our products.
Small Parcels from 100g-30kilos

example size is
12x12x12 - 10 kilo
12x12x12 - 20 kilo
12x12x12 - 30 kilo

or please send us best size to make our boxes for small parcels so we can save on shipping, Thank You!

Service A) Quote
Airport to Airport (Shanghai-Vancuver or Toronto)

Service B) Quote
Shanghai to Canada door to door delivery

100+ packages a day

Please send best price and how many days for delivery and if tracking is included?

Thank you,

3 Answer(s)

China Post Small Parcel Service which is for the delivery of items below 2kg.

The international large package service is offered by China Post for the delivery of the items over 2kg and less than 30kg.

The large package has normal mail and registered mail classifications. The former one is cheaper but can’t be tracked with shipment status. The registered one is a little more expensive but with tracking service.

Please not we are not the official site of China Post and we do not ship products. You can read on and for the rates.

Does epacket shipping from China cost the same to the US as it does Canada?

For example, how much would it cost to ship a 1.5lb product from China to Canada and the US via epacket respectively?

Hi VW,

The cost for shipping from China to US is different from to Canada. You can check the rate here:

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