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Received this package from China.


In this package was a small green shaped peeler that I did not order, what is going on. I see other people received packages from China also with items that they didn't order'

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Hi Joie,

This may be the reason why you receive it. If you are not charged, just keep it.

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I received a package of Versace socks. I would never have ordered this.
From: Shishai
02 Jinxiu Road
Daliang, Foshan, Guangdong 528000
Phone 8615622326174
Has anyone else received a package from here?

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Hi, I recently received a package from:
PuTianShi FIJIAN 35110
I didn't order this package, and am wondering why I received it?
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Dear Sir/Madam,

I have a package with China Post (Tracking Number: LW596357515CN). The package was received by China Post on 15/March, however I have not received it yet. The package is in transit for 58 days till today, and the latest update is that the package is handed over to the airline on the 24th of March.

I am looking to hear from you for any updates about the package as it took a lot of time. If the package is missing, or won't be delivered soon, I would like to get full refund for my package.

Mutasim Al Habsi

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