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recipient details


Is it possible to get the recipent information of the tracking number below? Just the name of the recipient is okay.

Based on the seller, my tracking number is LN289451485CN, but as per checking, the destination country is united states which is kind of suspicious since i live in the philippines. Hoping for your favorable response.

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Hi hmcl,

Sorry, the recipient's information couldn't be known through the tracking number. It's private information. The destination for LN289451485CN is the US. You need to contact the seller to ask if he gives you a wrong number or filled the wrong address.
I get it. You cannot give the information of the recipient. But could you at least give me the info of the sender? Your company is being USED BY THESE SCAMMERS AND SINCE THEY ARE AVAILING YOUR SERVICES, YOU'RE NOT DOING ANYTHING REGARDING THIS. This is not the first time this happened but it seems like your company is enjoying this king of scenario and you are used to people getting scammed.
I know the destination is US. you dont have to tell me information that I already know! The seller told me that they already shipped the item but it seems like they just gave me an valid tracking number which is not really sent to me! At least tell us how you can help us instead of telling us the information that the tracking application can gave us!

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