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Request to know the location of my parcel and delivery time - AS810799819CN


Hi, I am unable to track the consignment number AS810799819CN and need to understand the status and location of the shipment.

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Hi Indirasith,

It was delivered on Nov.12. You should have got it. If no, contact the seller to give you a solution in time.

Number: AS810799819CN
Package status: Delivered (19 Days)
Country: China -> United Kingdom
2022-11-12 14:18 UK, it's done
2022-11-09 01:28 UK, outbound delivery
2022-11-03 07:09 In the United Kingdom, mail is in transit within the country
2022-10-28 21:23 United Kingdom, Arrival United Kingdom United Kingdom
2022-10-25 01:20 Shenzhen, mail in domestic transit
2022-10-25 01:13 Shenzhen processing center has received and sent, arrived at Shenzhen processing center Shenzhen processing center has received and sentt
Hola no puedo rastrear mi paquete dice que está extraviado SZ200754267ZQ

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