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Return small parcel stuck in Nanchang (Taxable Mail)


I sent a RETURN small parcel BACK to the seller. This parcel has tracking id RR819168322SE
It is fully trackable in ChinaPostalTracking

The parcel has been stuck in Nanchang City with the following status shown below:
2022-03-24 15:07
Nanchang City, taxable mail, to be paid by the recipient
2022-03-24 14:57
Nanchang City, Customs Clearance
2022-03-23 10:16
Nanchang City, sent to the import customs

WHY is this RETURN parcel considered a TAXABLE MAIL?
WHY does the seller (recipient) have to pay taxes for a RETURN item that was EXPORTED by the seller to Sweden first and I just sent it back to seller (RETURN) because it was wrong model ???

3 Answer(s)

Hi Miroslav Goldberg,

It's charged by the customs. You need to require the seller afford the tax.

Why should the Chinese seller pay tax for his own product that I RETURNED to him? He first sold it to me from China and I just sent it back. It must be some stupid clerical error!
Hi Daisy,
I am still waiting for your SECOND reply to my SECOND message, which I sent to you 3/31/2022 7:19:24 AM
I really NEED to know the real answer to my question! Customs can't demand import tax for Chinese product RETURNED to the Chinese seller.

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