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RV556609431CN ,Package looping from Foshan,Guangzhou,BeijingCity. Help pls!


2021-04-0721:32:21Package ReceivedFoshan
23:02:20Depature from Local Sorting CenterFoshan
23:04:22Arrival at Regional Sorting CenterFoshan
2021-04-0820:59:09Departure from Regional Sorting CenterFoshan
22:45:07Arrival at Regional Sorting CenterGuangzhou
2021-04-0909:21:52Item Presented to CustomsGuangzhou
2021-04-1314:52:05Departure from Regional Sorting CenterGuangzhou
2021-04-1602:37:44Arrival at Regional Sorting CenterBeijingCity
2021-04-1805:10:46Departure from Regional Sorting CenterBeijingCity
2021-04-1910:43:29Arrival at Regional Sorting CenterGuangzhou
16:05:33Item Presented to CustomsGuangzhou
2021-04-2002:45:53Departure from Regional Sorting CenterGuangzhou
03:56:57Arrival at Regional Sorting CenterFoshan
2021-04-2320:52:01Depature from Local Sorting CenterFoshan
2021-04-2420:52:39Departure from Regional Sorting CenterFoshan
22:29:57Arrival at Regional Sorting CenterGuangzhou
2021-04-2713:41:53Departure from Regional Sorting CenterGuangzhou
2021-04-2901:25:33Arrival at Regional Sorting CenterBeijingCity
2021-05-0205:49:13Departure from Regional Sorting CenterBeijingCity
2021-05-0310:38:58Arrival at Regional Sorting CenterGuangzhou
11:08:26Departure from Regional Sorting CenterGuangzhou

1 Answer(s)

Hi bojan,

It couldn't leave China at present. You'd better wait for more days to get update. If it's stuck in China for a long time, you need to contact the seller to give you a solution (refund you or send it again to you) as soon as possible.

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