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Says my package was delivered and signed, but it wasn't..


Got a notification on how my package was delivered and signed when it was never delivered or signed. I'm guessing it was all a scam.

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Hello my order tracking number AM102012052CN says it was delivered but it wasnt it cant be in mail box it is too big went to post office ,,, nothing and no clue who the courier for my area is that would have taken it possibly fedex but not sure

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I had 2 packages I was supposed to receive but didn't. It says it was delivered and signed but I never received it and especially signed for it. I contacted customer service from where I ordered. But she keeps saying it was successfully delivered. I explained the situation to that person, but all she tells me is to contact my local post office.. please help figure out who signed it and where it was delivered to.. Tracking Numbers are AS020650359CN and AS020833578CN.
Please and thank you!!


Where is my package. TRACKING # AM105268159CN info shows delivered & signed for BUT it was not signed for by correct recipient and still has not been received by Bfent Morris in Advance, NC. PLEASE provide where package is and if signed for, by whom.

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