Asked by Aurora Fiorentini | 4/10/2020 3:14:40 PM

teo weeks ago i ordered a bikini on Shop Low Cost but today i saw on this site “shipment cancelled”, why? i will receive my bikini? what i have to do?
Aurora Fiorentini

Track Your Package

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Daisy 4/11/2020 1:50:05 AM

Hi Aurora Fiorentini,

What's the tracking number? You need to contact the seller as soon as possible to check it for you if it's cancelled.

Eloïse Maertens 5/14/2020 2:45:25 AM

The shipment of my package got cancelled. The tracking number is RE057494317CN. What can I do?

Alexandra 6/17/2020 8:58:58 AM

Hi - The last China Post update was May 19 for this parcel, coming to Canada:
On this site, it keeps refusing to accept that format.
Is the package lost, or shipping cancelled? Canada Post says it's waiting for the package, so no details there.

Daisy 6/17/2020 5:53:55 PM

Hi Alexandra,

Is the tracking number LO967825033CN right? I culdn't get any tracking information for it.

bon 6/18/2020 5:36:59 PM

my shipment was cancelled by customs..whats the reason for this?? Tracking number -LH349801892CN

Daisy 6/20/2020 7:03:29 PM

Hi bon,

LH349801892CN hasn't been shipped by the seller. You need to contact the seller to ship it as soon as possible.

Number: LH349801892CN
Package status: In transit
Country: China -> Unknown
2020-06-05 15:26, Logistics orders have been created

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