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Shipment status


I would like to check the status of my parcel CP437419162CN. The last update was accepted by the airline and pending to depart but there is no update for a week, the parcel was shipped a month ago and has been waiting for flight. Any idea if the parcel is still waiting? Thanks.

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Hi Angela,

It's under the inspection of Canada Post now.

Number: CP437419162CN
Package status: In transit
Country: China -> Canada
2021-07-11 14:38 RICHMOND,BC, Item has been presented to Canada Border Services Agency for customs review.
2021-07-09 03:19 RICHMOND,BC, Item has arrived in Canada and will be presented for review
2021-06-29 16:58 CNCANA,China, International item has left originating country and is en route to Canada
2021-06-01 10:55 CNCANA,China, International item has left originating country and is en route to Canada
2021-06-01 09:19 CNCANA,China, International item processed in originating country
2021-05-31 09:57 China, International item mailed in originating country

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