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shipping address in china ??


I was given this address to return a faulty item.
is this in the correct form? Do I need a postal code?
Is the city liuyang? or is the city Changsha?

Address: Jindi Tianma,Tianma road, Hehua street,Liuyang,Changsha City,Hunan provice,China.

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Hi fireworks,

Yes, you need the postal code. It's 410300.

The address is almost correct. You'd better make it more clear like this:
Address: Jindi Tianma Xin Cheng,Tianma Road, Hehua street, Liuyang City, Changsha City, Hunan province, China.

Both Liuyang and Changsha are cities. Liuyang is the County-level city and Changsha is the provincial capital city. Liuyang belongs to Shangsha and under it's jurisdiction. Hope it's clear to you.

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