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Address confirmation


How do I convert the below address in English for return shipping?
Return shipping address:
361000福建​xiamen​jimeiqu xingqianlu no,189China

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Hi Alischa Smith,

No.189 xingqianlu, xiamen​jimeiqu, Xiamen City, Fu Jian Province, China, Postal Code: 361000

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I am going to send a package to this address:

Room xxx Linquan Wisdom Gardens, Guangfu Road, Xishan District, Kunming 650100

Would you confirm me the address is correct?

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Hello, i have been scammed a couple times now and i wanted to know if it is possible to verify the shipping address on a package i am waiting for? I know the confirmation email i received is correct but my packages lately have been going to the wrong address.
Tracking number AQ478707146CN

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Guys i need to change a little bit part of address if that is possible. please this is really important. i do have tracking number for that just need confirmation if this is possible. tracking nunmber CP358817710CN the address has Baluchistan written which is wrong can you change that to Punjab. before its sent to Pakistan.

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