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Address Confirmation

Asked by Hyung Im | 7/25/2016 7:18:22 AM

I am going to send a package to this address:

Room xxx Linquan Wisdom Gardens, Guangfu Road, Xishan District, Kunming 650100

Would you confirm me the address is correct?

Thanks in advance.

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3 Answer(s)

Ting Liu 7/25/2016 6:23:46 PM

The correct address should be:

Room xxx, Unit XXX, Building XXX, Linquan Zhiyuan, Guangfu Road, Xishan District, Kunming, China 650228

Hyung Im 7/26/2016 8:55:28 AM

Thanks for your prompt reply.
I think the zip code of Xishan District in Kunming is correct.
But, I like to know whether Linquan Wisdom Gardens exist there.

Thanks in advance.

Sam 7/26/2016 7:41:55 PM

Yes, there exists Linquan Wisdom Gardens. Wisdom Garden in Chinese Pinyin is 'Zhiyuan'. You'd better write Chinese Pinyin instead of translating it into English. Because the carriers in China are mostly couldn't recognize the English words. Postal code is not important now in China. If it's wrong, that's doesn't matter. The most important parts are the contact number and address of the recipient.

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